The lines of difference between the guest house market and hotel industry can be blurring. They are both based on the same principal to provide temporary accommodation to a single person, or group of people. Both are meant for people to come to a city for a short period of time, either for business or leisure purposes. However, there is a great difference between the services, management and the cost that is incurred on either.

Often, people are required to make a decision while visiting another city, to either stay at a guest house or a hotel. Over the last few years, the requirements of many have been shifting more towards a homely environment that is comfortable. Although hotels offer facilities that ensures you are feeling at home, the reality is that most hotel rooms all feel the same no matter where you are.

Guest houses are basically a home that offers all the services and facilities comparable to a five-star hotel. As the name suggests, it is like living as a guest in a house of someone else. Along with the keeper of the house, guest houses have staff that will take care of any requirements.